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Compass Rose MUSH is now back up, although obviously nothing is actually happening.

There will be a call for staff later once what's left of the current staff have decided how to go about this.
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Compass Rose Character Application.

It's no secret that Compass Rose is no longer invite-only. If you want to play here, you're free to apply.

Out-of-Character Information:

          Name: Real, fake, whatever -- if you go by it, it goes here.

          E-mail Address:

          Age: We don't judge you based on age, but we'd like to know how old you are.

          Else MU*: Optional. Do you play any other characters at another MU*, Message Board, or LiveJournal group?

In-Character Information:

          Full Name:


          Force: For this, choose one of the following: Logos, Isfet, Seijaku, Mana, or Unaligned. Keep in mind if you fall under "unaligned" you'll either have to be one of the native races to the Rose or have a really good excuse for getting rid of your forcebrand and escaping re-capture.

          Blessing: Optional, even if your character is incredibly important. Want to add something else to your character? You can find more information on the Forces, gods, and blessings here: Manual of the Gods.

          Source: Where is your character from? Is it Original? Is it from Slayers, Buffy, Lost, or a book?

          Position: The position your character would like to have in-game. Do you want them to belong to the Mercenary Shears? The Daedal Hunters? Hawk Legion? Enablers? You're free to make up your own, too.

          Personality: We don't expect you to have every nuance of your character stapled down at the initial application process, but please summarize their personality as best as you can.

          Skills/Resources/Powers: Give us a summary of any notable skills, resources, or powers your character will have. Are they a black mage? Do they have a lot of connections in the Rose? Are they incredibly strong? Do they have great eye-sight?

          Pose Sample: Entirely optional. In a perfect world a pose sample would tell us how you roleplay, but we understand it might be hard to come up with something entirely creative and original on the spot. If you'd like to show your writing off, fill it out -- otherwise, don't stress yourself.
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Killer Bunnies Attack Park! Film at Eleven.

-=#=#=- IC News -=#=#=--------------------------------------------------------
Message: 6/6 Posted Author
Killer Bunnies? Sun Apr 9 Sundew
Word ripples through the Crux at the speed of rumor. Seems there was a sudden and unfortunate infestation of Machinata-bunnies in the park around Izanagi's Mirror. It seems also that these bunnies had a taste for Physes flesh, and were implacable in hunting down and tearing apart any Physis they could catch. It was only by timely intervention by a couple of winged folk, a ninja, and some chick with a bongo drum that the silly little monsters were driven off--seems unless you were a Physis, they were terrified of you.

More unpleasant rumor has it that a lot of the injuries to -other- residents of the park were not dealt by bunnies but instead by stampeding Physes, who had little care for those they trampled or hurt in their rush to swarm into houses and hide from the rabbits. Seems also that the riot of the panicked Physes was followed by a riot of pissed-off slumdwellers, who proceeded to kick them back out of their houses, usually with a lot of violence following. The girl with the rainbow wings would have none of that, but pff, who'd listen to /her/ when the walking weeds were evicting *human* folk from their homes?

Of course, the real question the observant might be asking is: How the hell did so many Machinata-rabbits get into the park without the Daedal Hunters noticing? And when did they get such a taste for Physes?

(OOC: Thanks to Kalas, Xelha, Kaishai, and Howitzer for making it a fun scene! Stay tuned for more unrest, and feel free to play out the consequences of this newfound Physes-hate in the next few days. The bunnies are mostly scattered now, but there might be one or two left to lynch an unwary Physis in the park. <3)

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Great Outdoor Fight scene!

Hello, everyone!

I'm going to be running a loose little scene as an introduction to the GoF tonight, April 8th, on rosemush. There's no set-in-stone start time, but I'll start looking for players around 2PM PST/5PM EST, and will hopefully have wrapped up all the loose ends by midnight PST tonight. Be there! It'll be fun, and have cross-Force intrigue enough for everyone.

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Great Outdoor Fight TP

Hello, all! Your hard-at-work (and sticky-coated) plotstaffer Sundew here!

Starting as soon as you see this entry go up in the community and lasting until the last middle has been ripped off and the dust finally settles, we're going to be having a GREAT OUTDOOR FIGHT on rosemush. While the actual fight itself (three days, three acres, three thousand residents of the Rose) will take place sometime mid to late April, there are going to be a number of smaller events leading up to it on-game. It won't just be no-holds-barred combat, either; there'll be a little of something for everyone, including some spoooky tie-ins to the overarching plot of the game and some serious cross-Force politickin'. Even though the Fight itself will likely be Isfet and Mana's bag, there's room for anyone of any Force to get in on the action.

For the first week or so of the plot, I'm going to be trying a bit of an experiment: on-demand TP scenes. Basically, instead of setting an exact time down for these things, I (Sundew) am going to both try to run a short scene a day to encourage RP leading up to the Fight, and will also be available to toss out scenes for anyone who feels like nabbing me for one. My alts (Niun, Sachiko, and Albedo) are also available for the same purposes, if I'm not logged on as my staff bit.

Are you ready for the Great Outdoor Fight?

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Current status

Pardon our lack of activity during the holidays as we rearrange staff and prepare to open this game to the public.

Please welcome Rafflesia (kofi) to staff. She will be handling character applications.

If you have questions about building, direct them to Titan Arum (chozo). She will also be handling character applications.

Theme questions should still go to Kudzu (me). Also contact me on the game if you're interested in staffing.

We need the following staff in particular:
Coder. This will probably not be a high-pressure job, as Compass Rose is not hugely code-dependent, but some things are still needed to keep the game running smoothly.
Plot runners. I will be providing ideas for major plots to move the game forward, but plot staff will be expected to come up with and run some ideas on their own as well.
Policy staff. These staffers should be confident in their People Skills, as they will be required to handle disputes and infractions of rules.

These staffers are less urgently needed but would still be useful:
Character staff. Would be expected to review character applications, approve or reject them, and work with players if their applications need adjusting. Would also need to be firm if certain concepts or applications Just Aren't Workable.
Help staff. Like policy staff, these staffers should be confident in their People Skills; they'd be helping out players, new and otherwise, who aren't sure about various rules and aspects of the theme.
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Tinyplot scenes

For now, things seem to have gone back to normal, or what passes for it, in the Crux. The Machinata have quieted down; machines are functioning more or less normally (as usual) again. The mecha-pets seem to have created and filled a new niche; there is no longer a plague of them, but plenty of strays still roam the less well-controlled parts of the Crux--mainly the dogs in the Belly, the rabbits in the Knot, and the cats in the Rings, with a smaller number of all three types occupying the neutral areas in between.

And yet...

There are stirrings in the Machinata. Hints of things that haven't yet given up or died out.

OOC: The Magic Oil Plot will end with two scenes. The first is on Sunday at 8:00pm EST and will be run by Nepenthes (lstone); the second will start at 9:00pm EST on Wednesday night and will be run by Kudzu (annwyd).
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Yes, the MUSH was briefly down tonight on account of server maintenance, but we're back up again and no data seems to have been lost.
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Plot update

With the oilstorm all cleaned up and the Salamandry quarantine lifted, life in the Crux has gone back to what passes for normal. Except... seems that the oil wasn't exactly normal, and it's had some lingering effects.

Machinery left out in the unnatural rain has begun to manifest strange "symptoms." It may seem almost willful at time, as if it's gotten a mind of its own. And that's just the mechanical objects that touched the oil. The ones that people used the oil as fuel for? It's going to be much, much worse.

Corresponding reports have come in from Daedal Hunters. The Machinata have gotten much busier lately, and the monsters within more daring. The oil seems to have somehow encouraged the fertility of the mechanical beings within the Machinata.

With that being the case, it shouldn't be so much of a surprise that a strange new plague has emerged: from the Machinata now come hordes of mechanical puppies, kittens, and bunnies. They don't seem especially dangerous or hostile--some are even quite friendly, almost tame--but that doesn't mean they're not wreaking havoc on the city at large. No official word on how to contain them has been released; reactions may range from adopting them as pets to getting guns and shooting masses of them.

OOC: Players are free to RP as they wish with this knowledge in mind. Sometime over the course of the next week, a larger scene will take place. Players interested in participating should either comment here or @mail Kudzu with dates and times good for them as well as whether they'd prefer to take part in an organized combat scene or something different. The number of different scenes run, plus their type, will depend on the response.
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